go -- create Terminal windows for SSH connections

I have used a script like this for years to effortlessly create terminal windows with unique visual characteristics (color, geometry, charset, ...) for different machines. This is what I currently use on my Mac OS X workstation with Apple Terminal.

Use by typing 'go [ssh-options] {server-name} [remote-command]'. Server name is resolved to find out if it's an alias (CNAME) for another machine, so that same window settings are always used for same machine. A terminal settings file is created by copying the default, if one doesn't exist for that machine yet. Terminal window is opened with those settings and an ssh connection is made in that window. You can modify that window's settings and save it with its unique, machine-name based name to keep those settings for all future connections to that machine. The files will be visible in Terminal application's File -> Library -menu. Each opens a 'temporary' script used to connect to the remote server, consisting of environment settings followed by 'exec ssh ...'.