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Kalle Hallivuori (Toivonen)

Software Development and Automation Generalist

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Lifelong programming and automation enthusiast with common sense always seeking more purposeful ways of working. Over time gathered experience from embedded to enterprise, self-employment to international corporations, but mostly from web-related work in small, ingenious companies.



Work Experience

Futucare team lead at Futurice Oy, 2015-01 -:
Growing a team and developing multitier services in clouds, mainly AWS and Azure.
Continuous Deployment Specialist at Solinor Oy, 2013-08 - 2014-12:
Automating deployments for a large enterprise system.
Software Architect at Solinor Oy, 2012-01 - 2013-07:
Figured out clean code, clear architecture and continuous delivery with a team.
Operations Team Manager at Solinor Oy, 2011-06 - 2011-12:
Oversaw, facilitated and scripted operation of PCI DSS compliant systems.
Senior Software Developer at Solinor Oy, 2010-10 - 2011-05:
Automated testing. Developed a proxy in PHP and CI utilities with Bash and Perl.
Senior Software Engineer/Consultant at, 2007-04 - 2010-10:
Java, C#, C, C++ with wxWidgets, C#, Perl, databases and scrum master in multinational, multisite teams.
Senior IT Engineer at Sulake Corporation Oy, 2005-04 - 2007-03:
Postmaster. Unix systems integration, internal service design and development.
J2EE Product Support Engineer at DEM Solutions Oy, 2004-05 - 2005-03:
Created processes and tools for support while managed it and helped develop J2EE systems for Sonera.
Entrepreneur/Linux Consultant as Korpikuu Tmi and Tietopaimen Oy, 1998-06 - 2006-10:
Web server and application provider. Software developer, both alone and in teams.
Software developer at Elma Oyj Electronic Trading, 1998 - 2002:
Extranet solutions with Perl, C and Informix. Rolled own AJAX.
IT architect/remote administrator for Citlembik Ltd, Turkey, 1997 - 2000
Planned and implemented IT for local Internet cafe and book publisher.
Multimedia software developer/Unix administrator at To the Point Oy, 1996 - 1998:
Created development speed boosting framework with Macromedia Director Lingo.



Courses and Certificates


Published Free Software

Performance feature for PostgreSQL Java and C# drivers:

Perl unit testing library:

Message exchanger between simultaneous commands:

Implemented my son's game design:

Books Read

Obligatory Acronym Listing

  • I have years of excellent work experience with at least Perl (1997-), Java (1998-), Javascript (1998-), Python (2003-), C++ (2007), C (2002), C# (2007), PL/SQL (1998-), shell scripts (1997-), PHP (2005-). Clojure and Scala I've tried out a bit and would love any excuse to work with them.
  • I have some experience on J2EE but have mostly been able to avoid it.
  • I know UML coarsely, preferring to draw diagrams mainly intuitively.
  • I have implemented some GUIs with HTML, CSS, AJAX and WML as well as wxWidgets.
  • I teach and use myself continuous, fully automated testing and deployment.
  • I like to do user stories, use cases and/or given-when-then's tightly together with customers.
  • I would love to actually calculate resource consumption and limits of the systems I develop.
  • I define architecture and design on demand only. SOA is best with REST.
  • I do possess very concrete understanding of data structures, algorithms, patterns as well as machinery underneath it all, analysis and the scientific method.

Family and Hobbies

I live happily at Malmi, Helsinki with my wife, dogs, car, 42" TV and three sons. I have sometimes been active in student, citizen, nordic larp, professional and neighbourial organisations. I compose, write lyrics for, and play rock music, read and write, but mostly play with my kids and enjoy vegetarian foods. Nowadays I like making small electronic gadgets and designing 3D printable objects. Occasionally I write some free software or design a board game.

Further Information

Kalle Hallivuori leading a Coding Dojo on Test-Driven Development.